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Public Cupping at Supremo Coffee Roasters

Everyone is welcome to join our public cuppings! 

EVERY TUESDAY we organise a cupping of four of our Single Origin coffees. It is free of charge and no registration is required. Simply come along and join in! We are looking forward to see you there!



  • June 4th 2019, 3–4 pm 

Highlights on the cupping table:

"Blue Java" from Java, washed

"Santa Rosa" from Brasil, natural 

"Don Fernando" from Costa Rica, white honey  

"Ndege" from Tansania, washed


  • June 11th 2019, 3–4 pm 
  • June 18th 2019, 3–4 pm 
  • June 24th 2019, 3–4 pm 


SUPREMO Kaffeerösterei
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82008 Unterhaching


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