Dark Muscovado


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Taste Profile:

Dark Muscovado sugar gives Espressi, Cappuccini and all chocolate-based recipes a particularly full flavour and rich aroma. A taste surprise from caramel to liquorice.


Product Description:

Product Name: Dark Muscovado Sugar

Product description: Unique, naturally dark brown, unrefined sugar from Billington's with a moist texture. Made from sugar cane in the traditional way in Mauritius, packed in a nice 500g package.

Country of Origin/Producer: Mauristius, Billington's, Sugar Way, Peterbrough PE2 pAY, UK.

Ingredients: unrefined cane sugar.


Nutrition information per 100g

Calorific value 1630 kJ/ 383 kcal

fat                                              0,00g

thereof saturated fatty acids      0,00g

Carbohydrates                            95,0g

of which sugar                             95,0g

Protein                                          0,00g

salt                                               0,57g


Allergens: None.


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