Amaretti Morbidi


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Taste Profile:

Fragrant, soft almond paste. Amaretti Virginia's light almond macaroons are still produced today with the dedication and care of master confectioners according to almost 200 years of tradition. Elegant and refined packaging evokes memories of the good old days.

Individually wrapped in cellophane and in coloured wax paper, the piece weighs about 20g. Ideal as a side dish with cappuccino or espresso or just for nibbling.

Amaretti Virginia

Product Description:

Product Name: Amarettini Morbidi

Product description: delicious aromatic soft pastry.

All individually freshly packed and therefore soft and delicious as just baked.

Country of Origin/Producer: Italy, Localitá Prapiccinin no.6, 17046 Sassello, Amarettini Viginia.

Ingredients: Sassello, Amarettini Viginia: Sugar, apricot kernels (36%) (contains sulfite), almonds (7.5%), egg white, honey, preservative: potassium sorbate.


Nutrition information per 100g 

Calorific value 1928 kJ/461 kcal

grease 25,00g

thereof saturated fatty acids 1,7g

Carbohydrates 46,00g

thereof sugar 45,00g 

protein 13,00g

salt 0,1g


Allergens: Nuts (almonds), eggs, sulphite.

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