Espresso Cup


5,00 €

incl. 19% VAT.

excl. shipping costs

Brown on white

Supremo "logo cup" on the outside of the cup "SUPREMO" writing in the middle of the saucer

Product Description:

Our SUPREMO espresso cup with matching saucer. Enjoy your espresso at home just like in the roastery!

The aromatic caffeine kick is drunk in pre-heated espresso cups, which are small and handy with a capacity of approx. 7cl and made of thick-walled porcelain. If you love the original Italian lifestyle, serve not only sugar with the SUPREMO espresso cups but also a glass of water and of course crispy Italian pastries.


Our SUPREMO logo is located once on the outside of the cup and once in the middle on the top of the plate. 



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