Milk Froth

Milk Froth kaffeebohnen kaffeebohnen

Milk Froth

Step by Step Guide

To prepare the ideal milk froth, it is best to use cold milk. The proteins inside the milk are responsible for getting a good froth. These proteins make up about 3.4 per cent of the milk.

Milk Froth - Step 01

Step 01

Fill up one third of the jug with milk, so that the milk has enough space to expand. Open the steam valve of the espresso machine for a few seconds to remove the condensed water from the nozzle. Raise the jug until the steam nozzle protrudes into the milk. Now open the steam valve fully.

Milk Froth - Step 02

Step 02

Lower the jug slowly until the tip of the steam nozzle just protrudes into the milk. Once the milk is frothed, close the valve.

Milk Froth - Step 03

Step 03

After foaming up the milk, clean the nozzle with a cloth and also by opening the valve to prevent milk from entering the boiler and damage the machine. Often the milk is foamed up for too long, thus it is too hot and this destroyes the fine bubbles. Therefore, do not heat the milk above 65 °C. Now pour the frothed milk into the cup.

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