V60 Filter

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V60 Filter

Step by Step Guide

The good old filter (invented in the year 1908 by the housewife Melitta Bentz), a brilliant idea, is now a classic in the world of coffee preparation. Unfortunately, the coffee filter is often presented in a rather negative light, if one thinks about hot-plates, flat coffee taste and bad aroma. But having a good, freshly ground coffee and a hand filter (or a filter machine that does not selectively add the water but distributes it evenly onto the coffee powder) the preparation is convenient and good.

Required accessories:

  • coffee grinder
  • scale
  • V60 filter holder
  • paper filters
  • Jug with "gooseneck"
  • Vessel (jug, cup)
  • 11 grams of coffee medium coarse ground, like brown sugar
  • 200 ml "suitable" water (6-8 degrees dH, pH between 6.5 and 7.5) at 93 degrees Celsius 
V60 Filter - Step 02

Step 02

Rinse the paper filter with hot water. This will warm up your vessel at the same time.

V60 Filter - Step 03

Step 03

Place the V60 Filterholder onto your vessel and add the ground coffee into the center of the paper filter.

V60 Filter - Step 04

Step 04

Now pour a small amount of hot water (about 25 grams) onto the ground coffee and let it well up for about 30 seconds. This allows CO2 to escape from the coffee particles and leads to an even extraction later. While doing this, only a small amount of water should drop out of the filter into the jug.

Pour the water in circling movements onto the wet ground coffee. This should be done in several surges. The coffee particles should constantly be in contact with the water and not get stuck on the edge of the filter.

V60 Filter - Step 01

Step 01

While waiting for the water in the can to start boiling, grind your coffee. Fold the paper filter and place it into the filter holder …

V60 Filter - Step 05

Step 05

Take the filter out of the V60 Filterholder and dispose paper filter and the coffee grounds.

Now enjoy your fresh cup of coffee!

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