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The Syphon appears to be a new brewingmethod, but in reality it was already introduced in the first half of the 19th Century.

The vacuum jug consists of two glass chambers which are connected to a glass tube and sealed with a rubber gasket. The coffee is brewed in the upper chamber, the lower chamber collects the brewed coffee. A textile filter prevents the coffee grounds from ending up in the drink.

Coffee prepared in a Syphon is clear, tangy and fruity.

Syphon - Step 01

Step 01

Assemble the filter and fit it into the upper glass cylinder. Now grind approx 29g fresh coffee and set it aside (we use the same granulation as for the AeroPress).

Syphon - Step 02

Step 02

Pour approximately 400 ml of hot water in the lower part of the siphon and put on the upper cylinder. Now place a heat source under the pot.

Syphon - Step 03

Step 03

The water now slowly rises into the brewing chamber. Once you see only a small part of the water remaining in the lower chamber, reduce the heat so that the water will still remain in the upper chamber, but the water in the lower chamber will not overheat. Now add the ground coffee and stir shortly. Let the coffee steep for about 1 minute.

Syphon - Step 04

Step 04

Turn off the heat source. In order to achieve an even extraction take a spoon and dive the coffee a short "spin". As the lower chamber is cooling down, negative pressure will force the liquid back into the lower chamber through the filter.

Syphon - Step 05

Step 05

Due to the "spin" you gave to the coffee only a small pile of coffee should be left in the upper chamber. You can carefully remove the upper cylinder now.

Syphon - Step 06

Step 06

The Coffee now can be served.

A little clue: At our coffee bar we kind of "ventilate" the coffee by pouring it alternately into different vessels. As we do this, we cool it down to the perfect drinking temperature of below 60° Celsius. Most coffees unfold their full potential at lower temperatures.

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