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Step by Step Brewing-Guide

Coffee Brewing is more and more developing into a luxurious science. It could all be so simple. The best proof of that are the SoftBrew cans by "Sowden". The idea is simple, yet ingenious: "Back to Basic" is the motto. The ground coffee is separated from the water through a stainless steel sieve into the pot. The full coffee aroma penetrates through countless tiny openings in the sieve into the jug. At the same time coffee ground is kept back. Thus, the coffee unfolds its true character. Hot water and good coffee combine in a natural way.

Softbrew - Step 01

Step 01

Briefly warm up the porcelain pot with some hot water and insert the stainless steel filter.

Softbrew - Step 02

Step 02

You can decide the amount of ground coffee for yourself, depending on the desired intensity of the coffee. Now pour in hot water.

AVERAGES (for your orientation)
2–3 spoons of ground coffee

3–5 spoons of ground coffee

6–8 spoons of ground coffee

10–12 spoons of ground coffee

Try it out and find your perfect cup of coffee! It's simple and uncomplicated.

Softbrew - Step 03

Step 03

Stir, and let it rest for three to five minutes

Softbrew - Step 04

Step 04

Now just enjoy! Of course you can leave the filter in the pot. All a matter of your individual taste.

High class coffee enjoyment – and you are in full control! After enjoying the coffee briefly rinse out the soft brew filter under running water – and you're done.

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