Karlsbad coffee maker

Karlsbad coffee maker kaffeebohnen kaffeebohnen

Karlsbad coffee maker

Step by Step Guide

Brewing coffee in the Karlsbad Coffee Maker (which is also called "Bayreuther Coffee Maker") is a small coffee ceremony. With a little time and relaxed mood, you can enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee. The advantage of the Karlsbad coffee maker is that its porcelain is absolutely tasteless and the porcelain sieve does not filter out any of the coffee' essential oils.

Karlsbad coffee maker – Step 02

Step 02

The Karlsbad Coffee Maker can warmed up with hot water.

Karlsbad coffee maker – Step 01

Step 01

As with all brewing methods in which the coffee has time to unfold itself, especially single-origin coffees and high-quality grand cru harvests are best suited as they simply need some time to release their aromas. The coffee should be roughly grinded, like "Fleur de Sel".

Karlsbad coffee maker – Step 03

Step 03

Now put the porcelain sieve on top of the pot and pour the coffee powder into the sieve. The amount of coffee powder for a 0.38 liter pot are about 18 grams and for a 0.85 liter pot add around 40 grams. Now boil some water and briefly put it aside, so that it can cool down a bit.

Karlsbad coffee maker – Step 04

Step 04

The water distributor is now placed on top of the sieve and some hot water slowly poured in so that the coffee powder can swell up slightly. Then pour in portions of hot water, so the water can run slowly through the coffee powder and through the sieve into the lower porcelain pot. After brewing you take of the top parts of the Karlsbad Coffee Maker and serve the freshly brewed coffee directly from the pot. The flavor is full-bodied and because of the direct brewing it may well happen that you will find  some coffee particles in the coffee. But that is part of the charm of this exclusive brewing method.

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