Ibrik (Mocha)

Ibrik (Mocha) kaffeebohnen kaffeebohnen

Ibrik (Mocha)

Step by Step Brewing-Guide

Preparing mocha in its original form is just – like any coffee preparation – already part of enjoying coffee and besides that also a beautiful ritual. It pays off to use a high-quality pot - also called "Ibrik" - which should be made out of harmless materials. In theory you could actually use any kind of coffee to prepare your mocha, but single-origin coffees from Ethiopia and Yemen, which are known for their intense fruity and floral flavors are best suited to prepare an aromatic mocha. It's very important to use finely grounded coffee powder!

Ibrik - Step 01

Step 01

First, add the ground coffee into the small jug.

Rule of thumb: for each Mocha-Cup use a heaped teaspoon of coffee powder and a teaspoon of sugar. Depending on your taste the amount can vary however.

Depending on cultural or family tradition thecoffee is additionally spiced with cinnamon, cardamom or cloves. In some regions ground nuts are even added to the coffee.

Ibrik - Step 02

Step 02

… add the desired amount of sugar ...

Ibrik - Step 03

Schritt 03

Now stir it well with cold water ...

Ibrik - Step 04

Step 04

Now put the jug on a stove (at medium heat) and continue to stir. You will have the best results using a gas stove, but an electric stove will also do a good job. After a while, the coffee will start to boil and foam up almost up to the edge of the jug.

Ibrik - Step 05

Step 05

Now take the jug off the stove, so that the coffee sinks down again. Then put it back on the stove to let the coffee boil up again.

Ibrik - Step 06

Step 06

Now distribute some of the coffee foam that formed inside the jug into the espresso cups and pour in the coffee. You can briefly let the mocha rest, so that the coffee powder settles down on the surface of the cup or serve it directly and enjoy.

If you boil up the mocha twice or as some prefer even up to five times, is left up to the individual taste.

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