French Press

French Press kaffeebohnen kaffeebohnen

French Press

Step by Step Brewing-Guide

A true classic among the brewing methods is the so called "French Press". It is extremely simple to use and delivers, when used correctly, good constant results. The stainless steel sieve which separates the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee allows some fine coffee particles to pass through. Thus, you will get a strong, full-bodied coffee.

Frenchpress - Step 01

Required accessories:

  • Coffee Grinder
  • scale
  • thermometer
  • stopwatch
  • French press (Model for 3 cups)
  • 17 grams of coffee, coarsely ground as coarse salt, (i.e. "Fleur de Sel")
  • 300 ml suitable water (6-8 degrees dH, pH between 6.5 and 7.5) at 95–96 degrees Celsius


Step 01

While boiling up some water, freshly grind your coffee beans. Add the ground coffee into the jug. The coffee should be ground quite coarsely – more corarsly than your would grind it for brewing it in a filtering machine. In general, the longer the ground coffee stays in contact with the water, the rougher it should be ground in order to develop properly and not turn to be bitter.

French Press - Schritt 02

Step 02

Now pour 300 ml of hot water in circling movements into the pot to moisten the ground coffee evenly.

French Press - Step 04

Step 04

After a total of 3– 4 minutes press the plunger slowly all the way down.

French Press - Step 03

Step 03

After 1 minute, stir down the the overhead crust that formed in slow movements into the water. Place the lid (plunger) on the jug.

French Press - Step 05

Step 05

Pour the brewed coffee into cups and enjoy it.

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