Step by Step Brewing-Guide

At first glance, the Aeropress does not look like a sophisticated coffee maker, but it is a real all-rounder: its compactness and robustness makes it an ideal travel companion. But also at home one can quickly brew a nice cup of coffee with it. The Aeropress fits on almost any cup or pot. And if not you can also use to the included funnel as an aid. With the Aeropress one has a great preparation-flexibility in terms of quantity, freeness and water temperature, and it offers a wide range to experiment. The possibilities range from a strong espresso-like drink up to a tea-like filigree cup of coffee.

AeroPress - Step 01

Step 01

Grind your coffee while you boil a pot of water. Add a paper filter into the filter holder and rinse it with hot water. In this way you also heat up your vessel at the same time.

AeroPress - Step 02

Step 02

Slide the AeroPress cylinders easily into each other and turn the whole thing upside down. Enter the ground coffee in the brewing chamber and first pour a small amount of water (about 30 grams) into it. Let the coffee swell up for 30 seconds. Now pour in the remaining water and let the coffee steep for 2 minutes.

AeroPress - Step 03

Step 03

Stir the coffee in circular movements ...

AeroPress - Step 04

Step 04

Now screw down tight the filter holder. Turn and place the AeroPress on a suitable vessel …

AeroPress - Step 05

Step 05

Push the plunger down slowly, until you hear a hissing sound. Remove the Aero Press off the vessel and unscrew the filter holder. To remove the coffee grounds from the AeroPress, fully push through the plunger over a garbage can.

Now enjoy your coffee ...

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