Oro de Santa Barbara

Oro de Santa Barbara Set


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ribbon mircolot challenge
Santa Barbara
Ligia Torres, Don Esmerin, Yojany Ferrara

Product Description:

Three Competition-Winner-Coffees of the "Oro de Santa Barbara" Contest 2019 in an exclusive set. The best choice to explore the diversity of hondurian coffee.

The set contains three of the competitions top lots (125g each)

"Ligia Torres"
1. Place 

Variety: Catuaí Amarillo Arabica
​Process: honey
Cupping Score: 90.07

"Don Esmerin"
2. Place 

Variety: Paca Arabica
Process: washed
Cupping Score: 90.01

"Yojany Ferrara"
11. Place 

Variety: Pacas Arabica
Process: washed
Cupping Score: 86.65

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