Obraje Geisha


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Taste Profile:

Pink grapefruit · lemongrass · honey · hibiscus

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2200m above Sealevel
Hacienda El Obraje
Paplo A. Guerrero
Arabica Variety:
Geisha Arabica

First batch will be ready to
be shipped on August 16th 2021


In 2000, Pablo Guerrero first started growing commercial coffee, before building his own wet mill in 2009 and entering the specialties market for the first time. He started to grow new varieties and process them as dry and washed coffees. In 2011 he brought the Geisha estate and has planted 9,000 geisha trees since then.

The special climate of the location around Mount Nariño creates the unique cup profile of his coffees. The volcanic soil which is rich in minerals and temperature fluctuations of up to 14 ° C between day and night are just two of the attributes that make the farm's terroir so special. Pablo Guerrero also created his own nursery a few years ago, in which he can devote himself entirely to the growth and care of his trees from seed to planting in the field. Pablos wet mill includes everything you could imagine, including fermentation tanks to depulpers, drying ovens and raised drying beds.

All coffees are processed immediately after harvesting. For natural processing, the picked cherries are left to ferment for some 20 hours in the sacks in which they were picked before they are sorted into water tanks and continue to dry. The drying process usually takes 30 days.

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