From Seed to Cup

The Origin

Healthy coffee plants, good soil and hardworking farmers. Sun, shade, wind and rain: For an excellent coffee all these details must be consistent with each other. Therefore we keep every single step in view. We want to know where our coffee comes from, who grows it, how it is maintained and fertilized - and when it is harvested. During the coffee bloom, at harvest time, or for the different tasting competitions - one of us will always be found locally. Quality begins at the origin and this is where we want to be found!


We search, measure and test: microclimate, Arabica Variety, quality, appearance, touch, smell and residual moisture. If we believe that we have found the right bean, the next step is "Cupping": The coffee is freshly roasted, ground and brewed - and strictly checked under the "magnifying glass of taste". First, its fragrance is evaluated, then its flavor and aroma. All these characteristic are repeatedly tasted and compared. We take meticulous notes of each cupping result - no an easy task - but it's fun! You never stop learning, and it's one of these magic moments when you find a very special bean.

Our Coffee Lab

Coffee is integral to our philosophy: We make no compromises when it comes to the quality - because we are Coffee tinkerers. In our in-house coffee lab, we not only create new mixtures and analyze the best roast levels for the new varieties. Here we get to the bottom of the bean: disassemble, assemble, rebuild, optimize ... Each coffee-batch is milled and tested through its paces. We want to avoid variations in quality and taste - as far as it is feasible with a natural product. Every single cup should give our customers a special coffee experience.

Our Coffee-Humidor

Our coffees are stored in our worldwide unique raw coffee humidor. If we go to these great leghts to find the best, fresh beans, then they should be able to preserve their full aromatic potential well until the next harvest. Our humidor protects our sensitive, green raw coffee within a perfect climate. Our raw coffee rests in a dark, cool, and optimal place, keeping a constant temperature and humidity, in a carefully moving air environment - until the very day of its roasting. Everything is completely geared towards the welfare of the bean. Once our green coffee beans hit the roasting drum, they are perfect matured.

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