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We believe that no machine can replace a Coffee Roaster who has mastered his craft, using established, time-honoured methods. That’s why coffee from Supremo isn’t industrially produced – we are a traditional, family-run coffee roastery. Every day, our team strives to source and provide fantastic quality, in the hope of inspiring our customers to truly enjoy their coffee. We attach great importance to first-class craftsmanship and constant quality control.


The Craft of Roasting

We expertly roast coffee in several small, traditional, cast-iron roasting drums. We give each separate batch the necessary time that the coffee deserves, in order to properly and fully develop its flavour. This gentle roasting style gets the best out of each coffee, keeping your taste buds happy and your stomach too. The initiated would call it the “Cast Iron Slow Roast” method. We just like to say “haste makes waste”, because coffee roasted too quickly and at too high a temperature may look brown on the outside, but can’t and won’t reveal any of its inner magic. This magic is what we’re after, which is why we never roast fast and cool quickly with water. Instead, we cool the coffee just as gently and carefully as we roasted it, using air, in order to preserve its great flavour. It’s no great big secret: careful, hard work and time are the key!


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